Steps To Score More For SimCity Buildit Starters


The game as per name states, requires you to build cities. Your job is that of a mayor, and you are to build houses for people, set up industries for livelihood and take care of basic utilities and sewage facilities. The game is built in a line pattern. Most of the houses are arranged in a line pattern. The utilities that they function on are pretty much the same too.

Build your base

You have to start from square one while playing this came. How you build a house, the type of home you want to make all depends on you. But, houses are not the only thing that you have to build here. Your goal in the game will be to attract citizens to your residential zone and see to it that they do not move out. The more citizens you have, the more taxes you will earn the more you can use it to your advantage. Moving your buildings or paving the roads will not cost you. You can organize your city as and when you feel like, the way you want to. Befriend other players and visit their cities. It will enable you to check their posts related to trading. It is a fast and easy way to gather , matters for your construction.

Make your city productive

The production of a city is what makes it more striking to other people.  You will be to create a city where people will be happy to live. Building a city involves lots of material, labor and many things more. It is imperative that your factories run correctly for the proper production of goods and materials. Alongside the running of the factory, you also have to concentrate on your storage. Keep updating the city storage whenever you get a chance. Tap on the thought balloons about the citizen’s head to get the materials. Have some basic materials in store. To start the manufacture of goods; there are certain essential elements that you should own. Always keep a check on that.

Happiness of your citizens is vital

Citizens are the primary essence of the city. As A mayor, their happiness should be your primary concern. Put your citizens near excellent surroundings. Try to picture the kind of environment you will want to live in and do the same for your citizens. Try and place factories and other hazardous utilities at the end of the road. It would keep your citizens, far away from the pollution. Try to place parks near the residential areas. Parks will filter the pollution. Before you expand your city, upgrade it. Fill a street before laying new roads and houses. You can establish new water and power plants once you are done with upgrading your city.

Simplicity is striking

The game is a very basic and understandable, that is the most attractive aspect of the game. After a day’s work, you would want to play a game that relaxes. SimCity Buildit serves that purpose. It is no doubt absorbing but in a positive way. The game tests your skills. How much progress you make in the game will depend on how well you can plan and strategize. The game is bit difficult and interesting also and using simcity hack makes it more joyful sometimes. The game has so far lived up to its expectation in being a highly fascinating strategize to build game as compared to its contemporaries.

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